Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's Begin!

At last, I have decided to start my own blog. Today, 24th August 2008, is the end of 2008 Beijing Olympics, but it marks the beginning of my blog.

The title, "Life Is A Series of Fireworks", comes from my love for fireworks. The first time I saw a real full blown fireworks was my first year in college. I was at the homecoming football game and they had fireworks. It was amazing! Fireworks always makes me excited and happy. I want life to be always beautiful. And I think it is...

I think life is colourful yet unpredictable. Nothing last forever in life. It's just like series of fireworks. We should appreciate it when it lasts. We should appreciate our family and friends around us. Never afraid to show our affection to them. We shouldn't wait for them to act. We can take the initiative to tell them we love them first. Well, I know it's hard for Asians to do so. But at least try it. Everything is difficult at the beginning but it will only get easier after a few try.

Like fireworks, life is beautiful. I guess it all depends on our views on things. We always hear people always say 'life sucks!' I guess sometimes we might have to go through some difficult time, whining and bitching won't help the situation.Try to stay positive, think and act positive is very important. I believe that it will create positive energy to improve the bad situation.

I may not have a lot of life experience as I don't think I have been through a lot in life. But I think blogging doesn't have to be so serious, right? I will just blog about my stories inspired by my daily experience and share with anyone who is interested to read about it. I guess it is also a way of communicating to the world.

2008 Beijing Olympics lasted for 16 days. It began with fireworks and also ended with fireworks. It has ended beautifully and become part of our memories. I hope my blog will last longer and also be remembered for a long long time.


Ken said...

Welcome to the bloggers world!!!

We choose our own path and at times we play the role as Marco Polo, create new route and finding new frontier. Being happy is also a choice we make. Why choose to dwell in grief when we can choose to be happy.

The choice is in our hands.

p/s I've added you to my blogroll :)

Wei Khean said...

Thanks for the comment. You are in my history book as the first visitor who comments on my post. :)