Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advert Advert Everywhere

Thailand is the Land of Smile. In my opinion, it is also the Land of Advertisements. Advertisements are everywhere in Bangkokians’ daily life. The usual ones like adverts on metro or subway trains, buses, tv, etc. But there are some unexpected ones that pop into my sight once in a while. Let’s read further for some interesting ones that I have seen.

1. Colgate adverts on disposable coffee cup. Instead of having a logo of a local café, Colgate advert take over the cover of the paper cups. You can’t avoid it when you sip your coffee.

2. At petrol stations in Thailand, there are attendants who fill up your tank for you. So, you would be sitting in your car waiting. While you are waiting for your tank to be filled up, ‘boom!’ the attendant would place an advert in front of your windshield telling you about the promotion that is going on in their convenient store. So, instead of waiting in the car, why don’t you get yourself out of the car and go into the convenient store to check out these promotion items? Very clever…

3. This is also a good idea. Advert in the taxi cab! I got on this cab one time, I saw a small laminated advert card of various mint and chewing gums at the back of the headrest in front of me. Then my colleague who was with me in the cab told me that the cab driver is actually selling the gums as well! I thought it is a good way to advertise as we all know Bangkok traffic is bad. A short trip could end up a long one. So, why not buy a pack of gum, and just chill in the cab while the taxi driver brings you to your destination?

4. On TV, you can see a display of a LCD TV with big logo. Also, you will see display of a laptop in front of the desk. You can't avoid adverts even you are watching the news.

I am sure there are some more clever ideas that I have not discovered yet. But just these are some interesting ones that I encountered.


Ken said...

Hey all these sounds interesting, why not take pix of all these adverts.

I do like the tvc in Thailand, very interesting and it's much better then Malaysia ones. I guess it's probably the limitations that the government has given.

Wei Khean said...

Hey Ken, you are too fast to check out my posting. I was gonna post the pix after the writing... but you were faster! Anyway, i've added some pictures for your viewing pleasure... :)

Ken said...

yeah, i just realise the pix are up...LOL i was free so checking out blogs