Monday, October 6, 2008

Homecoming... AKA Balik Kampung

Last week, I went back to KL for a short visit. Coincidentally, it was the long Hari Raya holiday week. KL was a bit quiet and traffic was lighter than usual. Since all the KL people left town for holiday, I came back to KL for my own holiday. One week seemed like a bit long for me at first. But when it reached the last couple days of my stay, it seemed too short.

I spent most my time with my family, especially my sister, who is expecting a baby. We went out to eat together for almost every meal, except for when I went out with my friends. Whenever I went out with my friends, there was always food involved. I had buka puasa buffet with my gang of best friends. I went to ex-colleague’s house for our annual hari raya get together. Then I also brought my family out for a nice Sunday brunch at the Gardens.

Besides food, I also shopped a lot in KL. I really do miss shopping at Mid Valley! I always get what I want. Another of my favourite shopping place is 1U. I only spent about 1 hour there and ended up with many things in my shopping bag. Many things are souvenir for friends.

Yes, I admit that I do miss KL. Bangkok is great but KL is my home. I miss my family, my friends and as you all know it, the food.


Ken said...

No doubt about it, food in Msia I still find it the best so far, so many varieties. But shopping wise, I went berserk when I was in Bangkok. LOL!!!

Wei Khean said...

Haha... true, BKK is shopping haven... especially chatucak market. World class market!! :)

Lee said...

i can truly relate to the "missing" part...... of what KL has to offer.

Wei Khean said...

yes, Lee... we are on the same boat :)