Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life is like a stream…

Sometimes I think life is like a stream. We just flow in the stream of life. Along the way, we experience different stages in life. At different stage, our friends around us would have experienced similar big events in life. Once upon a time, I always discussed with my friends, what each of us was going to do after SPM. After that, we graduated from whatever courses that we studied, and then we stepped into different walks of life.

There was a period when friends around me got married. When my sister got married, I was so busy with preparing the wedding. When my best friends got married, I was the driver. My cute little Honda Jazz was involved too. :-) When another friend got married, I was one of her ‘sisters’… haha…. It’s so funny to have a guy to be a ‘sister.’

Then, there is a period when my friends start to buy houses and build their home sweet home. When my friends moved to their new houses, I was asked to give suggestions. Recently, another friend moved to a new condominium, I was there to help moving. Tiring, but it was all fun to be able to help.

And then, here comes the time when family and friends start to have babies. When my sister went for ultrasound lately, I went with my sister to say hi to the baby. When my friend became a father, I was involved in choosing a Chinese name for the baby.

In life, there is no turning back. I cherish all different stages in life as I am fortunate to share all the special moments with my family and friends. I am fortunate enough to be able to celebrate all these events with them. It's like fireworks that bring colours into the dark sky and then the moment fades away. What remains will be always in my mind. I would like to thank them for letting me involved.


Ken said...

I'm sure it is great to get involved in all these special events. But have you thought when would be your turn to share this events with them? Would they be too busy to involve since most of them already have families.

Just like what you've mentioned about the fireworks, it lighted up the skied for that very moment and slowly disappear. But that very moment is special enough to carve a special memories deep in our hearts.

Wei Khean said...

As of now, i don't have any special occasion to share with anyone since i don't have a plan to buy a house, no wedding plan, and of course, not expecting any baby! :)

Lee said...

such a beautiful picture and i think u must've been a poet in your past life :)

Wei Khean said...

hahaha... thanks, Lee... i didn't take the photo. I found it online... ;P